Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fake Spring

Spring is always a funny time in Canberra... You think it has arrived and then... bam!... spring is gone and it’s cold again.  It’s often referred to as ‘fake spring’, well that's what I call it.  Essentially, it’s just spring being a tease.

I love spring, as soon as it starts to warm up I get excited, and start thinking about all the glorious things that I’ll be doing once the weather warms up.  That’s why I hate fake spring.  You are jumping out of your skin, celebrating the fact that you made it through another bitter, Canberra winter and the rug gets pulled out from underneath you.

My point is... I think fake spring has been and gone and real spring is here to stay.  That’s reason enough to celebrate.  This drink is my ode to spring, my way of saying good-bye to winter and reminding me of all the zesty, fresh, sparkly times that I know are just around the corner...

Over the weekend I had the perfect opportunity to celebrate spring and make this ever-so-special spring punch.  Some weeks ago my big brother was married.  The wedding was over in Perth, and as can be expected there were some family friends who were unable to make it.  To make up for it, a second wedding celebration - in Canberra - was held.  My lovely sister-in-law loves cider and gin and so this punch was the perfect no-brainer choice.  And did it go down a treat!

No one could say that this doesn't look completely refreshing!

Now, go on - give this a go for yourself and let me know what you think...

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