Saturday, 29 October 2011

That's a wrap

Has anyone ever seen that episode of Will and Grace where Grace moves out and Will turns her room into a gift wrapping room?   

Actually, let’s back up... does anyone remember Will and Grace?  If you don’t, let me refresh your memory:

In my mind, good gift wrapping is an art.  Good gift wrapping goes beyond paper and ribbon selection.  It actually gives you are chance to be really creative, if you want to take up the opportunity.  The most important step to mastering the art of gift wrapping is first accepting the fact that the you’ll create a piece of art, only for it to be torn to shreds, within seconds, in front of your eyes. 

Here is an example of a wedding present I wrapped recently.  A standard box shaped item, wrapped in brown paper ($2 from the dollar shop) and adorned with pretty origami hearts.  

I do wonder if there will ever be a time when perfect gift wrapping will replace the perfect gift?

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