Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sensational sampler of Spicks and Specks

Tomorrow night M and I are off to the Spicks and Specks Spectacular when they visit Canberra.

The idea that Spicks and Specks won't be returning to our screens in 2012 is devastating, like losing a close family member.  I'm going to especially miss the drunk-aunt-at-the-family-dinner Denise Scott, and hearing Adam Hills saying "Thanks for watching Spicks and Specks, my name's Adam Hills, good night Australia".

There have been some amazing moments over the years, and I'm feeling particularly sentimental, so I thought I might share a sample of some of my favourite moments over the years.

Since I started by mentioning Denise Scott, here's a clip of her in an episode with Jordie Lane (who is also her son).

One of my favourite games on the show has always been 'substitute'.  It requires a member of the team singing a song using the words from a book or text, and their team needs to identify the song that they're trying to sing.  The first time I saw Megan Washington do this on the show I got all spine tingly.  Watch this and you'll see why.

This is Russian criminal band Vulgargrad.  The lead singer may look familiar, his name is Jacek Koman and he was in Baz Luhrman's Mouline Rouge.  He played the 'unconscious Argentinian' (and also performed THAT tango).

If I ever had to choose between Myf and Alan it would be tough, definitely something that would go down to the line... But I am a sucker for a sweet serenade, and here Tim Minchin declares his love for his 6'4" Kiwi, known to most as Alan Brough.

There is one other moment that I had to share with you all, and that's my favourite ending (it's not the Hand Shadow performance - however, impressive that was - nor is it Barry Morgan from the World of Organs - no matter how much I love him).  No.  This one is a bit closer to home... it goes to my love of cinema and musicals... Yes, it's the Spicks and Specks homage to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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