Saturday, 12 May 2012

Celebrating 100 songs and 100 stories

This week a very talented friend of mine (who lives over at the little yellow house in the U) opened an exhibition.   For her exhibition, 100 Songs and 100 stories, she’s taken songs that mean something to someone, and the stories associated with that song, and turned them into art.

They’re beautiful, meaningful moments, captured lovingly.  Some are sad, others funny, they’re about love, loss and sometimes tragedy – just like the very songs that are the background to these human stories.  Just like the songs and stories are varied, so is the art, tenderly created using mixed media.

I even am lucky enough to have a song represented (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, by Doris Day) and so can now admit to being someone's muse!  Here's a sneaky shot taken on my iPhone (which does no justice to the picture of prettiness that it truly is):

For those of you in Canberra, I encourage you to visit the exhibition, which is being held at the M16 Artspace until 27 May 2012.  Others, who aren't lucky enough to be in Canberra to visit the exhibition, can listen to the songs, read the stories and admire the art on her blog here.

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